No income tax business opportunity for 7 years

agrifood cluster




STARTFRUKT develops the organized territory of the Cluster to create and manufacture new food products. Its purpose is to settle stable connection between foodstuff manufacturers and private agribusiness in the region. 
The project is implemented in Belarus, in an economic zone. The advantage of the project is quick start; the first food production on the territory of the Cluster has been already built as a ready business. 
Implemented concept is a first-rate decision for production and sales of foodstuff and differs from the competitors’ models.
The main idea is (1) to organize within borders of one production site business manufactures of different product groups – meat and poultry, seafood, dairy products, sausages, prepared vegetables, frozen berries, mushrooms, snacks, confectionery, beverages and soft drinks. These products do not compete with each other; therefore, their manufacturers can unite in one channel of distribution and delivery to the market. (2) To organize on the territory of the Food Cluster a vertically integrated company processing vegetables, fruits and berries grown on our own in the local area.
The originality of the Cluster is in its location, which provides good logistics, utilities, developed infrastructure, absence of limitations on export, tax relief, availability of cultivable land for own manufacture and processing of vegetables and berries.