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The originality of the Food cluster is not only in its relevant appearance in the market, but also in its excellent location. The Food cluster is located in an agricultural region, in a small town of Smilovichi (10 thousand people). There are several agricultural educational institutions in Smilovichi. The Food cluster is located within the boundaries of the highway E30 (Berlin-Moscow / M1), it has a direct exit to the site from the highway E271 (Minsk-Mogilev / M4) for cargo vessels. The minimum distance from the capital city of Minsk is 30 km; and 50 km from the international airport.
The way of trucks from the Food park to the following destinations will take:
to Moscow, the capital of Russia (700km), 9 hours;
to Kiev, the capital of the Ukraine (550 km), 10 hours;
to Warsaw, the capital of Poland (550 km), 15 hours.


The area of 4.4 ha. Belarusian government provided the land for rent until 19.08.2111.
One central entrance and two exits are equipped with automatic sliding gate with remote control. Territory is provided with galvanized metal fence 3D with a height of 2 meters.
Excellent onsite surface for car parking.


Water flow 5.35 m3 / day. In the territory - 2 wells of 225mm diameter, a convoy of UPVC pipes 10mm (Germany), the depth of the well No1 -74m, productivity 35m3 / h, depth of the well No2 -59m, capacity 25m3 / h. Pump Pedrollo 6SR27. The frequency converter DANFOS. Hydroaccumulator ULTRA-PRO. System of drainage draining TOP-3;


Industrial and domestic sewage with the wastewater flow of 3.45 m3 / day. Industrial and domestic wastewater flows into the septic tank cleaning. This wastewater treatment system is temporary - the construction of new production facilities and increased water consumption will pequire the construction of sewerage pump system to supply wastewater sewerage network in Smilovichi.


The territory is supplied with high pressure gas P = 0.6Mpa in the pipe SDR11-63 h5.8.
To reduce the pressure from high (P = 0.6Mpa) to low (P = 0.002Mpa) and maintaining it at a predetermined level STARTFRUKT set cabinet-type regulation point with two lines of reducing the maximum capacity of 250 m3 / h.


Transformer substation of deadlock type 250-10 / 0.4 kVA, powered by a 10 kV high-voltage line, agreed to use the power of 200 kW / hour, including customers: I category - 20kW, III category - 189kVt.


Mini boiler in the production building with an installed capacity of 195 MW (167Gkal / h), equipped with 3 boilers Vaillant VU OE 656 / 4-5 (Germany). Hydraulic separator WH 160 Vaillant. DHW cylinder TIS-S1000C - the volume of 1000L. Cleaninig of the incoming water is provided.
The thermal circuit includes a mini-boiler cooking water network with calculated temperature + 80 ° C for heating, ventilation and hot water. The project was implemented at a high level of energy savings through the installation of boilers with high efficiency (98%).
Annual fuel consumption of 59.3 is nm3 / year.


Fire pump station with two pumps with capacity of 54m3 /h with the storage of water in the steel fire tanks 2x100m3, diesel power station Geko 30003 ED-S / DEDA (Germany); The facility is equipped with fire warning and fire alarm.


Telephone and Internet. Outdoor video surveillance.


Outdoor electric lighting installation was made with concrete lighting poles. LED lamps are used for outdoor lighting.


Remote start of fire pumps from the control panel in the duty room.
Remote control of the artesian well pumps from the control panel in the duty room,
Remote control of the flow of ventilation systems,
Remote opening of the valve at the inlet of the aqueduct buttons fire hydrants.