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Nut Factory

The factory is a food industry enterprise destined for production of roasted nuts and seed packaged in plastic bags, weighing from 100 g to 5 kg, for the further sale to retail and wholesale networks.
Raw materials for the production are nuts from the USA – peanut, pistachio and almond. Sunflower seeds from the Ukraine and Russia. The company also expects to collect extra revenue from the wholesale trade of raw nuts and dried fruits, packed in bags from 100 g to 1 kg.


From 2008 till 2012 STARTFRUKT gained experience in the supply of nuts and dried fruits to Belarus from abroad. Our company has thoroughly examined customs legislation on import of nuts and dried fruits. During this time, STARTFRUKT had positive experience of working with Belarusian customs authorities.
(1) Achievements. According to the results of 2010, our company was the largest supplier of roasted peanut in shell on the Belarusian market. The deliveries were stopped after STARTFRUKT had achieved its (2) goals – the market was examined, the product for manufacture was determined.


STARTFRUKT has great experience in delivery of nuts and dried fruits to the Belarusian market. Company’s employees know banking, customs and international law. STARTFRUKT has completed 38 international contracts on delivery of nuts and dried fruits.The goods were delivered from manufacturers in Chile, China, Turkey, Thailand, Iran.


Owing to the import restriction of peanut, pistachio and almond from USA to Russia, STARTFRUKT has an opportunity to enter the market and take its share. Belarus has not imposed restrictions on import of raw peanut, pistachio, almond from the USA; therefore, our company has no limitations to import them. After being roasted at our factory, peanut, pistachio and almond can be exported to Russia, as they have already become Belarusian products. The same actions can be done with any other embargoed product. STARTFRUKT’s management has great experience of working in this industry and the ties with suppliers and market.


STARTFRUKT is going to produce innovative goods that have no analogues in the EEU market - roasted and salted peanuts in shell. An example of the product “boiled peanuts in shell”:
The range of roasted nuts: peanut, pistachio, almond, hazelnut, cashews, Brazil nuts, pine nut, walnut, macadamia nuts, pecans.
Packaged dried fruits: dried apricot, date, raisin, prune, pineapple, figs, banana chips.
Roasted seeds: black and white seeds.
Cocktails of nuts and dried fruits.
Nuts and dried fruits in a sweet glaze.
Nuts and dried fruits in pastry with different flavors.


The EEU market volume of nuts and dried fruits is estimated of 500 mln USD, among them Russian market – of 300 mln USD. The average consumption of nuts is 2 kg per family a year.
In the segment of nuts sold by weight, peanut and walnut account for half of the market. In the structure of packed nuts the most popular is peanut, then almond and pistachio. The market share of packed nuts accounts for 20%.


STARTFRUKT estimates Belarusian market of nuts, seeds and dried fruits of 50 mln USD. It includes goods not only for retail, but also for confectionary industry.


Production is provided with centralized cold and hot water supply, sewerage, heating. It has daylight illumination, and is provided with mechanical supply and exhaust ventilation. Roasting ovens are connected with mechanical ventilation. The walls and floor are finished with materials allowing systematic washing with detergents and disinfectants.
Production capacity of 2700 kg per shift.
Administrative department 199 sq. m.: office department (second floor) – sq.m., for working staff (first floor) – sq.m.
Warehouse department 840 sq.m.: warehouse for raw materials – sq.m., warehouse for finished products – sq.m.
Production department. Mini boiler-house. Ventilating chamber.


STARTFRUKT plans to establish manufacture and sales of roasted nuts and dried fruit under the brands of retailers. During the manufacturer’s transformation of consciousness of market alterations our company will settle production of goods under retailers’ private labels as strategic direction in sales and main distribution channel.