No income tax business opportunity for 7 years

Restaurant Industry

STARTFRUKT has experience of working in the business of fast-food restaurants since 2007. Fast food restaurant Pizzeria italiana operates in Minsk. The range of dishes include pizza, sandwiches, hamburgers, breaded meat.
(1) Specific knowledge – fast-food market, demand, economy, rules of work.
(2) Achievements – STARTFRUKT was the first who started to produce sandwiches according to the American standards. 
(3) STARTFRUKT is organizer and sponsor of the first Belarusian championship on speed eating of huge sandwiches. This event was widely covered by television and other mass media.
(4) Accumulated experience and knowledge allow us to build a network of fast-food restaurants in Belarus.
(5) Target – to develop a network with sufficient number of restaurants to get SUBWAY franchise for Belarus.