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Strawberry Farm

In 2013 STARTFRUKT organized an own farm cultivating strawberry planting stock in the territory of Food cluster.This project has met strong demand for sorts of strawberry grown by our company. The largest supplier of strawberry to Russia – Poland – is not able to deliver its products to the Russian market due to the sanctions against EU countries. Already in 2015 Russian market recorded deficit of strawberry and its price increase. STARTFRUKT relates prospects of its farm with the growth of demand for Belarusian strawberries from the Russian trading companies. The company wants to obtain uniqueness by growing strawberry giants (large sorts of strawberries).

STARTFRUKT is planning to develop further the direction of gardening, namely, industrial gardens of pear, apple, plum and cherry.The Food cluster can be used as a platform for establishing a center of ornamental plants with sale of equipment, tools and fertilizers.

STARTFRUKT believes that agriculture has a great potential for the growth of private business and earnings through the use of modern high-tech production and management systems.